About Us

Ping4 Inc. is an innovative mobile communications company focused on delivering rich media safety alerts to iOS and Android Example_Iphone_Alertmobile devices. Since 2011, the Ping4 team has developed and deployed ping4alerts!, an emergency communications platform used by public safety agencies to send geographically precise emergency alerts to citizens in their community. Our patent pending technology is used every day by agencies all over the world during critical and potentially life saving events. Whether it’s the Boston Marathon or Hurricane Sandy, public safety agencies have learned to depend on ping4alerts!

The Ping4 team is obsessed with harnessing the power of location-authenticated time-sensitive messaging. Our initial energy and obsession has focused on saving people’s lives by making ping4alerts! simple to deploy and easy to use. Unlike other public safety solutions, ping4alerts! requires no user-registration, no databases, and no equipment infrastructure to deploy. We’ve spent years perfecting efficient battery management on the mobile phone so the ping4alerts! app is always ready and does not drain the phone’s battery, which is so typical with location-based services.

Our mission is to bring an increasingly mobile world together in the spirit of helping to serve, protect and save lives. Our team’s diversity brings an unmatched multi-disciplined approach to mobile communications and location-based services. Whether it’s mobile apps, user interface design , web-scale server infrastructure, or mission-critical infrastructure, the Ping4 team has the knowledge, expertise, and passion to deliver on the promise of the mobile messaging.

Working with state and federal emergency management agencies, law enforcement, and utilities, ping4alerts! is leading the way to a new world of engaged, aware citizens.  Join us and make your community safer today!