Ping4 Inc. is an innovative mobile communications company focused on delivering rich media safety alerts to iOS and Android mobile devices. Using the latest in push technology, our ping4alerts! emergency communications platform is a game-changing medium that enables our customers to deliver real-time location-based multimedia alerts your community’s mobile devices.  Ping4alerts! is the only emergency communications platform in the world that allows you to communicate with people you know nothing about in a very specifically defined geographic area, delivering life-saving information where and when they need it. MassTLC_Phone3

Our disruptive and patent-pending technology allows public safety agencies to reach customers and citizens who have installed the alert app, and provides timely information about what’s going on around the user’s location, such as accidents, crime scenes, extreme weather events, and fast-moving, dangerous situations.  The safety alerts can include pictures, custom audio, video, and links to provide the user with more information.

Our mission is to bring an increasingly mobile world together in the spirit of helping to serve, protect and save lives. As a complete hyperlocal communications platform, ping4alerts! will attract millions of users, and get communities involved in the important business of public safety.

Working with state and federal emergency management agencies, law enforcement, and utilities, ping4alerts! is leading the way to a new world of engaged, aware citizens.  Join us and make your community safer today!