Location-Based Awareness and Collaboration

Nrby’s mobile solution empowers field service teams to do more and be more!

How It Works

Nrby is revolutionizing how service providers and enterprises empower their mobile workforces and automate back-end processes with location-based awareness and collaboration. Creating game-changing team collaboration workspaces that deliver real business value.

Discover Information in the Field

With the Nrby mobile app, your techs can quickly and accurately document information they discover. Everything from broken poles and trees down to node outages and temporary drops.

Share with Your Techs

Once discovered, the information is shared at that specific location so only techs that are nearby get alerted. Thus, eliminating mass emails of information and noise that isn’t relevant to everyone.

Act in Real-Time

Using Nrby’s cloud-based dashboard, supervisors can view all the information that was discovered and shared to quickly drive towards resolution.

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