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Here at Ping4 Inc. we believe Peer Power is the driving engine behind successful business. Peer Power harnesses and unleashes the intrinsic value of information within groups. And a group of peers, working together for a common good, is a team that produces. A team that shares pertinent information, in real-time, accelerates the quality and speed of decisions and actions. Shared information, originating from trusted peers, aligns business and personal goals in ways that dramatically and measurably improve results.

But Peer Power is more than a work discipline. It is a fundamental human trait. It is a core part of our human condition. We form groups, whether structured or unstructured, to help each other, to protect one another, to live better and to thrive in diverse environments.

Nrby, developed by Ping4 Inc., enables this in innovative ways, across all disciplines and life activities. We like to think we imbue peers with power. And with that empowerment, we can all improve our lives and outcomes.

Location-based workforce collaboration can be extremely powerful – especially when it’s 100% focused on saving businesses time and money. And that’s exactly what Nrby is all about.

If your business relies on mobile co-workers sharing information to get jobs done, our location-based workforce collaboration platform will help them do it easier, smarter and faster.

Nrby lets local peer groups instantly share insights, boost their collective knowledge, unify individual actions and achieve much greater outcomes through our cloud-based, proximity-aware platform.

With Nrby, people, processes and machines can quickly create geofenced areas of interest, map any relevant place or thing within those areas with company-sanctioned SmartPins, drop contextual information into the SmartPins, and share it all in real-time, among nearby peers who need to know.

Nrby acts as a private and secure peer network, connecting people who share common goals and locales, without overwhelming them. Today, peer groups are co-workers. Tomorrow, they may be social groups, families and organizations. What they have in common is this: a desire to positively impact the places they work and live by sharing the knowledge and experience of something important nearby.

Looking to learn more about Nrby? Check us out at www.nrby.com.