Product Features

Ping4alerts! unique mobile solution allows agencies to send precise alerts with rich content.

Native Mobile App

Ping4alerts! free mobile app is available on iOS and Android devices. The app uses Ping4’s location technology to deliver weather and public safety alerts based on your current location, making alerts highly relevant.

Cloud-Based Dashboard

Ping4’s cloud-based dashboard allows agencies to deliver alerts in real-time and with rich media such as: images, video, URL’s, and two-way communication.

Key Features

Precise Messaging

Alerts can be sent exclusively to citizens in a very specific geofence. They can be as small as a parking lot, as complex as a coastline, or as large as an entire continent.


User registration is not required. At no time does Ping4 demand any personally identifiable information such as phone number, email, or physical address.

Rich Media

Alerts include rich media such as: custom audio; image attachments; video and web links.

Two-Way Communication

Users can respond anonymously back to the alerting authority, with rich media content.

Battery Efficiency

Any app requiring accurate location data will demand constant battery support as the device checks in with location servers. The ping4alerts! app utilizes less than 2% of battery per hour.

Real-Time Analytics

Ping4alerts! provides access to real-time analytics indicating how many users are in an alert area and how many received the alert.

Trusted and Reliable

Utilized by government agencies all over the world, ping4alerts! has been tested and proven worthy.

7/24/365 Support

Whether you need product support or marketing support, Ping4 is ready to help. We are the experts when it comes to ping4alerts! and will be there day or night to assist with any questions that pop up.

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