A new safety solution.

Send timely public safety alerts to citizens in your community via mobile technology.

How It Works

Ping4alerts! is an emergency communications platform that allows public safety agencies to send high precision, location-based emergency alerts to people in their community.


Login to the cloud-based dashboard and create your alert message. You choose what to say, where to say it, and when.



Users who have downloaded the free ping4alerts! app will receive the message sent ONLY if they’re within the alert area.



Users now have relevant information based on their current location. It’s as simple as that!

Send the Right Message, at the Right Time, to the Right People

The system leverages the location-based services of today’s smartphones and tablets to send multimedia alerts and messages to users based on their location and categories of information they opt in to receive.

Custom Alerts

You have up to 32 characters for the title of your alert and up to 2,000 characters for the body.

Images and Video

Attach images and video with each alert.

Two-Way Communication

Each alert can give the app user the ability to anonymously respond to the alert with information or questions.

Information Page

Design an information page to include with your alert that has unlimited text, images, and video.

Location-Based Alerts

Each alert will include an alert area so the app user can see where the alert was sent, and where they’re located within it.

Social Sharing

App users can share the alert to their personal Facebook and Twitter, or through email and text.

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